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Middle School Directory

Middle School Teacher Directory

CALL: 918.827.6100 + the extension listed next to the name
 EMAIL:  Click the email address below each name

Jonathan Clay, Principal

Heather Wilson, Secretary     ext. 271

Audra Broadhead, Counselor     ext. 273

Amy Castillo, SpEd     ext. 247     MS

Kim Cummings, Science     ext. 243     MS

Kaye Fisher, ISP     ext. 418     ISP

Lindsey Ginesi, SpEd     ext. 246     MS

Tammy Kinnison, Math     ext. 235     MS

Anne League, ELA     ext. 251     MS

Chery McCormick, ELA     ext. 237     MS

Tracy Nyquist, Computers     ext. 248     MS

Jason Patrick, Social Studies     ext. 250     MS

Sammie Roberts, SpEd     ext. 245     MS    

Rebekah Rogers, Math     ext. 249     MS

Shane Sawyer Jones, Music     ext. 415     Music

Davida Smith, Speech     ext. 310     HS

Kimm Smith, Art     ext. 238     MS

Stephanie Sturman, Social Studies     ext. 239     MS

Renata Walshak, Science     ext. 242     MS