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Board of Education

Board of Education

Board Members

Board President – Lee Swigert

Vice President – Michael Pounds

Clerk – Clayton Lamb

Board Member – Casey Sechrest

Board MemberJustin Green

2021 Board Meetings Schedule

Board Meetings are held in the Mounds Superintendent's Office and usually begin at 6:30pm unless otherwise stated on the agenda.

2021 Board Meetings Schedule

2021 Board Meeting Agendas

01-11-21 Regular Meeting

02-08-21 Regular Meeting

03-08-21 Regular Meeting

03-25-21 Special Meeting

04-05--21 Special Meeting

04-12-21 Regular Meeting

05-10-21 Regular Meeting

06-09-21 Special Meeting

06-14-21 Regular Meeting

07-12-21 Regular Meeting

07-19-21 Special Meeting

08-02-21 Special Meeting

08-09-21 Regular Meeting

09-13-21 Regular Meeting

School Audit

2019-2020 Audit